Screen Printing

Screen printing, or silk screening, is a printing technique that has been traced back to the Song Dynasty of China (960-1269 AD). At Streamline Design, we offer 2 formats for screen printing on garments. Spot Color printing and Simulated Process printing. Spot Color printing is the most prevalent technique. It requires color separations (screens) for each color in a design. This process is widely used in athletics, corporate wear and promotional garments. Simulated Process printing is a more complicated technique that requires a number of colors to interact within the application to create a finished design that is more detailed and in depth. Typically this is used in a highly artistic or quasi photographic look. We offer manual and automatic printing options with up to 8 color capabilities. We can handle projects that range from ten to ten thousand pieces. Our turnaround time is impressive, as we typically can complete a project in a week or less.

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