While the history of embroidery can be traced back thousands of years, the modern embroidery concept, utilizing machines and computers for garment embellishment, was created by Wilcom, one of the top digitizing software companies, in 1980. The transference of a graphic logo to an embroidered application requires digitizing the logo, in order for the computer software driven equipment to recognize and replicate, in thread, your design. At Streamline Design, we digitize all our designs in house. Because we use the highest program available, coincidentally, from Wilcom, we can produce a vast array of looks and textures to enhance your logo. With 22 years of digitizing and embroidery experience, we believe that our embroidery department is the most talented and creative in our market place, and that shows in the finished products. We have 18 heads for production, and are capable of producing quantities that range from twelve pieces to as many as four thousand.

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