Art Charges:
If the provided art needs to be recreated, manipulated or edited in any way, standard art charges will apply on a per quote basis.

Acceptable File Formats:
• .ai (Adobe® Illustrator® CS5 or earlier)
• .eps (vector format compatible with Illustrator® CS5 or earlier)
• .pdf (created in Illustrator® with vector editing capabilities.)
*Note: .psd, .jpg, .png, .tif, nonvector .pdf files or other simple image formats must have a resolution of 300ppi/dpi (pixels/dots per inch) or higher AT 100% IMPRINT SIZE or larger.      (Art charges may apply).

Microsoft® Word®, Powerpoint®, or Publisher® documents for art submission.
*Name lists may be sent in an Excel® spreadsheet format. (.xls or .xlsx)

Submission details:
• All files sent MUST include their file extension.
• Do not embed art. Any linked or supporting files must be included.
• Fonts: Turn all fonts into outlines (curves). If future typesetting is required, include the font file to be used (.otf or .ttf).
• Object Sizes for Screenprinting:
Printed objects, outlines/strokes, and text must have a minimum of 1pt thickness (or .014″)
Guidelines for Embroidered Logos:
• Acceptable Embroidery sew file formats: Tajima (.dst) and Punto (.pdc) file formats are acceptable for submission.
• If logo needs to be digitized, follow the general file submission guidelines for providing art. *Note some editing may be necessary for some objects to sew.
• Sew area must have the capability to be hooped. (Especially bags and jackets. Avoid sewing through pockets.)
• Text smaller than 3/16″ tall or line widths less than 1/16″ (2pts) cannot be sewn. (Note: it is not recommended to sew text this small.)

Color Guidelines for AI and EPS files:
• CMYK or RGB color profiles are acceptable.
• All colors should be set up as designated spot colors including white. (Standard art charges apply if spot colors need to be created.)

4 color Process Printing
• White garments only.
• Simulated process on dark garments will be separated into colors rendering the best results chosen by Streamline Design.

PMS® matching:
• Streamline Design has a varied selection of ink colors and will use the closest matches to achieve the requested colors. Please refer to Pantone® Solid Coated or Union Ink color guide when choosing ink colors.
• If colors are not specified, Streamline Design will choose the best match based on the art provided.

Halftones vary by garment/product. Standard is 55 lpi (lines per inch) on light garments and 32 lpi on dark garments.