We can print up to 8 colors on white and 7 colors on dark or colored garments. For designs that have more colors, the following processes can be used – CMYK or Simulated Process

• CMYK process printing is used to reproduce full color and photorealistic images.   
Four colors are printed with special inks in layers of dots that combine to create the illusion of many more colors. CMYK refers to the four colors used, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.
In some instances additional colors are needed to achieve the desired effect. This can only be done on white shirts.

• Simulated Process printing is used on dark or colored garments. It is a method of printing full color and photorealistic images without using the standard CMYK process. It uses standard inks along with an underbase to achieve the desired effect.

An underbase is a layer of ink printed underneath the colors of an image on dark or colored garments. It is used to prevent the garment color from altering or dulling the appearance of the ink.

Pantone color matching was designed for paper inks to be used on white stock.
You may indicate what PMS color you would like and we can choose a stock ink that is close; or you can pay extra for a PMS match. Exact matching cannot be guaranteed on textiles, especially if it is not printed on white.

GLITTER – Creates a glittering textured metallic finish. The  amount of detail that can be achieved is limited. – Additional set up and upcharge per garment
FOIL – A two step process using a printed layer of glue followed by a foil heat transfer. Creates a very shiny mirror like finish. – Priced on a job by job basis.
PUFF – Creates a raised 3 dimensional appearance. – Upcharge per garment.
GLOW IN THE DARK – Glows light green in the dark. – Upcharge per garment.
REFLECTIVE – Ink appears as a normal print but reflects back when light is directed at it. – Upcharge per garment.