About Us


At Streamline Design, quality matters—and so do you.

In October 1988, an entrepreneurial dream became a reality. Thus, the journey of Streamline Design had begun. Motivated by the 3 core principles of honesty, integrity and accountability, we ventured into a market place determined to showcase our superior quality, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. Streamline Design is a family owned and operated business in the truest sense. We have, over time, mastered our vocation and embraced technological evolution, while yet maintaining the basic concept skills that built the industry. We provide top class screen printing and embroidery services and products that meet or exceed the very best offered in the industry. Every facet of our operation, from concept through production, is done in house. Our attention to detail is provided by seasoned professionals with over 100 combined years of experience and a passionate pride of perfection in our craft. Our greatest accomplishment is seeing the product we produce used and displayed publicly. We love what we do and we’re very good at it. If your needs encompass what we provide, we would be thrilled to be considered to help you meet them.