SPFD Fit to Serve

Welcome to the SPFD Fit to Serve online store. The store will be open for orders from Friday, 11/22/19 through Friday, 01/03/20. Goods will be ready for distribution the week of 01/27/20, coordinated by SPFD Fit to Serve.

Please be sure to check the accuracy of your order, as no changes can be made to custom goods once your order is placed.

***Size charts for the Badger shorts can be found at badgersport.com. Size chart for the Champion pant can be found at ssactivewear.com Size charts for the rest of the garments can be found at the Apparel section on our Streamline Design website. Enter the SKU, sans “FTS”, for all garment specs.***

Thank you for shopping with Streamline Design, Inc.!

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